Grand Canyon Wine Co Airbnb: Where to Stay on Historic Route 66 in Williams, AZ

Corner of building showing the Grand Canyon Wine Co and allley where a vacation rental is located

If you’re looking for an inviting place to stay right on historic Route 66 in the middle of town in Williams, Arizona, we’ve found the perfect gem for you. Imagine this: a cozy little rental with the ideal location, and you won’t believe how convenient it is!

Corner of building showing the Grand Canyon Wine Co and allley where a vacation rental is located

The Location – Williams, Arizona

Nestled right on the main street behind one of my very favorite spots in Williams, the Grand Canyon Wine Company tasting room, this vacation rental property boasts an extraordinary location with an incredible vibe. Not only is the location superb, but the price is also amazing.

The Grand Canyon Wine Co Airbnb comes complete with a little kitchenette, a dining table, a queen-size bed, a sofa with another queen pull-out bed, a full bathroom, and a dedicated desk space for all your needs.

Here’s a peek at the room setup:

  • Kitchenette: Perfect for quick meals or a cozy night in.
  • Dining Table: Great for enjoying your food or simply some downtime.
  • Queen Size Bed: Offers a comfortable night’s sleep.
  • Sofa with Queen Pull-Out Bed: Extra room for friends or family.
  • Full Bathroom: Modern and clean, with all the amenities.
  • Desk Space: Ideal for catching up on work or planning your day’s adventure.

A Family Connection

I’ve been to Williams countless times over the years, because my grandparents lived here. Despite all those visits, we’d never actually stayed right in town. This time, we decided to give it a shot, and we couldn’t have chosen a better spot.

“Not only is the location amazing, the price is great too, has a little kitchenette, a dining table, a queen size bed, a sofa with another queen pull out bed, a full bathroom, and a little desk space.”

Allison Waken – Arizona Travel ldeas

More to Explore

While staying here, I also learned that the same owners have some other fantastic properties in town, including the charming Red Garter Inn just behind this one. It’s amazing how much character each property has, reflecting the unique charm and history of Williams.

Whether you’re here to explore the Grand Canyon, delve into local or state history, or just enjoy a pleasant getaway, these accommodations elevate the experience.

Why Stay in Williams?

Williams, Arizona, is more than just a town—it’s a doorway to endless adventures. Positioned as the gateway to the Grand Canyon, it’s packed with history, vibrancy, and personality. Historic Route 66, the main street through Williams, is a living slice of Americana and such a fun area to explore.

Staying here places you right at the heart of the town making walking aroudn the historic district super easy. The Grand Canyon is only about an hour’s drive from Williams or if you have train tickets – only a walk away. It’s an iconic destination that brings millions of visitors from around the globe, making Williams an ideal base camp for your excursions.

Local Attractions

From local diners and boutiques to wine-tasting rooms and outdoor activities, Williams offers all kinds of things to do.

A few things to check out in the area (more on things to do to come):

Planning Your Stay

When planning your trip to Williams (or anywhere anymore), making reservations in advance is highly recommended, especially during peak seasons. Given the convenient location and charming accommodations, this Airbnb is sure to fill up quickly as do other hotels and rentals in the area.

If riding on the train is on your list as well, make sure you have those tickets ahead of time.

Booking and Contact

For bookings and detailed information, you can reach out via Airbnb, or check out their website, to book and check pricing.


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