Best Place to Stay Near Disneyland: Grand Legacy at The Park

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Planning the perfect Disneyland adventure is no easy feat, especially when finding the right accommodation to perfectly complement the magic of the park. I think my son and I may have just discovered a stellar option. For his big 21st birthday celebration, we took a trip to Disneyland and decided to stay at the conveniently located Grand Legacy At The Park in Anaheim, CA right across the street from Disneyland — a decision we certainly didn’t regret.

Perfect Location Across the Street from Disneyland and Ambience

The location couldn’t have been more ideal. Nestled just minutes from the iconic Disneyland entrance, Grand Legacy offered an easy and enjoyable commute. It was a leisurely 5 to 8-minute walk across the street, tremendously better than dealing with hectic shuttle buses at more distant hotels.

“Grand Legacy Hotel was like five to eight minutes across the street to the Disneyland entrance.”

It wasn’t just the convenience that won us over. The rooms at Grand Legacy were exactly what we needed — not just in terms of space and comfort, but amenities too. Perfectly suited for kickstarting those early Disneyland mornings, there was plenty of coffee at-hand both in room and in the lobby each morning!

The rooms were just big enough, super comfy, great bathrooms, had a fridge and really were just what we want in a Disneyland hotel! They are even close enough to go back for an afternoon nap if you need one.

Hotel Highlights: Rooftop Bar and Restaurant

The Fifth located at the top of Grand Legacy is THE spot to grab some drinks or dinner. You can even get a view of the Disneyland fireworks!

Best Deals and Discounts for Grand Legacy Hotel

Our Disneyland trip and stay at the Grand Legacy was absolutely wonderful. So much so, we would definitely consider returning. One pro tip? Follow Grand Legacy on their social platforms to stay updated on some great deals and offers they often post.

And if you’re looking for a little extra sweetener, guess what? I have a 20% off code that could help. With this, you can enjoy the magic of Disneyland, the comfort and convenience of the Grand Legacy, and some welcome savings on your stay.

So if, like us, you’re setting up an exciting Disneyland adventure and need the perfect base, consider the Grand Legacy At The Park. It’s a spot we’re glad we discovered and one we think you’ll love too — magical Disneyland memories, guaranteed.


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