Road Trips from Phoenix


Phoenix, AZ is in such a great location for some really unique road trips. While Phoenix has plenty to do and see itself, locals, and visitors trying to fit in as much of Arizona as they can, may want to plan a road trip or two. There are MANY options to choose from depending on what you’re searching for and your time constraints. From pine trees to saguaros, here’s a good “checklist” to get you started.

AZ Travel Magazine was started from a love of road trips so while there is definitely a lot of content to come from in and around the Phoenix area, you can be sure you’ll get lots of great info on visiting the other great areas around the state as well.

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Arizona Road Trips from Phoenix

These cities are all so different and have so much to offer whether you’re into hiking, sleeping outdoors, wine tasting, or just sightseeing. Our goal for this site is to take you to each of these places (and more) to show you what sets them apart and why you might want to visit in addition to showcasing great things to see and do in the Phoenix area of course.


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