Things to do in Jerome, AZ


Sitting precariously on top of a hill in the Verde Valley of Arizona is an old mining town, former Ghost Town, called Jerome, Arizona. Today Jerome is a lively little community filled with art, food, and lots of stories (and maybe even ghosts?) from the town’s colorful history. If you’ve ever thought about visiting or are planning a little road trip soon here is a list of things to do in Jerome, AZ.

the city of jerome sitting on the side of a mountain with a J painted on top

Things to do in Jerome, AZ

  • Jerome State Historic Park – A great place to start with amazing views of Jerome and Sedona. They play a great movie about the history of the city as well.Jerome State Historic Park mansion
  • Audrey Headframe Park – just outside the state park, this won’t take you long to see but definitely worth a stop to see down the DEEP mine shaft! This is free to visit.looking down a mine shaft
  • Gold King Mine & Ghost Town – If you really want to see more mining tools, vintage cars, vintage buildings, or just a lot of history in one place, definitely stop at Gold King Mine & Ghost Town! Expect to spend a bit of time here as there is a lot to see & walk around.
  • Sliding Jail – Sliding Jail is a jail that has slid over time to its current resting place. You’ll understand when you see it but it’s free to visiti and right in town.
  • Shopping – many great small shops can be found walking up and down the streets in Jerome (remember it is a small town). One of our favorites is Nellie Bly Kaleidescopes.looking inside a kaleidoscope
  • Museum – The Jerome Historical Society Musuem is in town and is a fun little stop.
  • Browse the Art Galleries & Spaces – there are some great art galleries, public art, and art spaces around the city.
  • New State Motor Building – another one of my favorites, the New State Motor Building was a machine shop and garage, now a unique museum and retail space. I love the mixed use and the memorabilia displayed inside is really fun to look at.
  • Read about the historic buildings as you walk around town, there are plaques along the buildings that explain their history.
  • Eat – several great restaurants in town from hamburgers to cornish pastys. The Haunted Hamburger is a popular spot among visitors.
  • Wine Tasting – there are also several wine tasting rooms right in town if wine is your thing.
  • Live Music – some nights you’ll hear live music coming out of a bar or restaurant, grab some dinner and a drink and listen to a great band.
  • Ghost Tours – Jerome is known for it’s haunted hotels and buildings so if history or ghosts are your thing, check out one of their tours.
  • Stay overnight at one of several properties & watch the sunrise from Cleopatra Hill.
  • Take the scenic drive via 89A. It’s one of the most popular motorcycle rides in Arizona!

Tips for visiting Jerome, AZ

Since Jerome is a small town on the side of a hill, as you can imagine, parking is limited. Pay attention to parking signs and rules. There are payed parking lots in town ($4 for the day) as well as parking past the fire department.

Check open dates/times for any store or museum you really want to visit to make sure they’ll be open when you’re visiting. Be prepared for inclines and stairs. Again, it’s a tiny town on the side of the hill so nothing seems very straightforward.


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