Free Desert Botanical Garden in Fountain Hills, AZ


Nestled in the hills amidst some beautiful private properties is a little gem of a hike. At just about 3/4 of a mile to meander with helpful signs filled with interesting facts, this 8-acre botanical garden is the perfect spot to go on an evening hike, lunchtime break, or morning stroll.

Desert Botanical Garden in Fountain Hills, AZ

If you are a fan of learning new facts about plants or just fun history facts you’ll love this little (totally free) botanical garden. It’s totally free and you can spend as much or as little time exploring it as you’d like. There is very limited parking but when we visited on a weekday around sunset we were the only ones there the entire time. They have maps available, but the path loops around and starts/stops at the same location.

The garden was founded by Jane Haynes in 1975 as a wildlife preserve and garden. The Society and the Town of Fountain Hills restored the original garden trail as an educational and hiking destination in 2006.

There are 29 signs throughout the trail identifying different desert plants, and you’ll walk on and around some unique rock formations. You’re sure to see some wildlife as well, birds, lizards, rattlesnakes (watch where you’re walking!), rabbits, and even javelinas have been spotted.

There is a spot along the trail that you can walk down to check out the abandoned P-Bar Ranch campsite next to a dam wall constructed originally on April 25, 1941.

Where is the Botanical Garden in Fountain Hills?

This free desert botanical garden is located at 11300 N Fountain Hills Blvd
Fountain Hills, AZ 85268. You can also look up “Fountain Hills Desert Botanical Garden” on google maps and it should pop right up for you!

There are only 4 regular and 1 disability parking space so it is possible that they are all taken up when you go to visit so plan on being a bit flexible just in case! As mentioned above, we went during the week around sunset in June and didn’t cross paths with anyone.

There is a great lookout spot to pull over and take more scenic photos nearby (called Fountain Hills Viewing Point) and it’s just a couple miles from fountain park where you can see the famous fountain of Fountain Hills. There are lots of great restaurants in town along with one of the largest public art collections in the state of Arizona so there is plenty to see and do on your day in town.


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